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Sensory Activities

It is starting to feel a lot more like spring! Here are some of our favorite spring sensory activities at Stepping Stones:

1.       Fingerprint Flower Gardens

Have your child create flower gardens using finger paint for some fun, tactile sensory play! Encourage your child to use all of their fingers, including their thumb to make the garden. For an extra sensory experience, add essential oils to create a wonderfully smelling garden!  Encourage participation by allowing use of a Q-tip for the child who tends to avoid messy or wet textures. We found an example of this fun activity here:

2.       Bubble Wrap Printed Rainbows

Who doesn’t love that satisfying sound of popped bubble wrap? Bubble wrap is also great for finger isolation and strengthening. Encourage your child to use their thumb and pointer finger to pop bubbles for an improved pincer grasp. For this activity you will need bubble wrap, cardstock paper, paint (all colors of the rainbow), a paint bush, scissors, and glue.  We added cotton balls on the clouds for added texture. Find this activity here:

3.       Outdoor Animal Yoga

Yoga is not only good exercise for children, but it’s great for improving self-regulation through heavy work and deep breathing.  Use fun animal poses to increase motivation. We love the book ABC Yoga found here:

On rainy days or when indoors, instead of walking down the hallway, invite them to walk like their favorite animal for some easy, extra sensory input to build into the day.

4.       Bubble Party or Bubble Volcano

Bubble party is one of our favorite sensory and self-regulation activities at Stepping Stones.  To play, all you need is a bowl, liquid dish soap, water, and a straw.  Squeeze a small amount into the bottom the bowl and add a few tablespoons of water. Take a deep breath through the nose, (lifting the straw out of the water), then dip the end into the bubble solution and  blow out through the straw.  Deep inhales and long exhales are a great way to practice deep breathing, which is organizing and regulating to the body. Take your bubbly party outdoors!  Or when  indoors, place the bowl on top of a rimmed baking tray or dish towel to catch the erupting bubbles.

5.       Play at the Park 

Going to a park is one of the best ways for a child to satisfy their senses. Encourage your child to play on the slides, monkey bars and climb on the equipment, safely with supervision.  Challenge your child’s sequencing and motor planning by encouraging him or her to create an obstacle course on the playground. These activities are calming, regulating, and strengthening for children.

Feel free to join in the fun and enjoy moving to calm with these spring sensory activities!

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