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Prospective Clients

If you are interested in receiving services from our clinic please fill out the form below.  Once we have received your contact information on this form, we will follow up with you to send you the intake paperwork.

Please feel free to include with the intake paperwork any previous evaluations, reports, etc. that you feel would be helpful in assessing your child.  For a handwriting assessment, please include samples of writing, copying, dictation, composition, math worksheets and drawings.

Once we have received your completed paperwork we will put your child on our waiting list.  We will contact you within one week of receipt of your information to either schedule an appointment, or let you know the anticipated wait time.  An assessment can take one or more sessions depending on your child’s needs.

Please contact us at or 425-502-9440. with any questions you may have.  We look forward to providing services for your child.

Your First Visit, What to Expect

  • Please arrive at your appointment with your paperwork completed  and insurance card.   Call us at 425-502-9440 to arrange delivery
  • Clinic Tour
  • Your child will be seen for the initial evaluation by the therapist

Therapist Discussion

  • Your child’s medical history
  • Your current concerns
  • Your goals for your child
  • How we can help your child experience greater success and confidence in their every day roles

Initial Evaluation

  • The therapist will provide a combination of standardized assessments, clinical observations and play based assessment
  • Testing may range from 60 – 90 minutes depending upon the assessments used and your child’s level of participation and cooperation
  • The therapist will recommend ongoing therapy if needed
  • A formal written report will be mailed to you within 2-3 weeks
  • Please note that your child’s evaluation team may be different from the therapist scheduled for ongoing treatment. We strive to set up the best therapist-child match based upon your child’s developmental needs and availability in the schedule

Services Overview


OT and Speech Therapy screenings briefly assess whether a full occupational therapy and speech language evaluation is needed. These sessions typically last 15 - 30 minutes. Screenings include brief summary of results and recommendations for next steps.


Evaluations offer an in-depth assessment of motor, sensory processing, speech and language skills or feeding skills. These sessions typically last 60 - 90 minutes. Evaluations include recommendations and a formal written report.


During the summer we offer a variety of group classes for children to maintain their skills and prepare for the upcoming school year. We offer kindergarten readiness, handwriting, yoga, social skills and friendship builder groups. Please note these are not a substitute for therapy. Invite a friend and get ready for some fun!


OT and Speech Therapy sessions directly address treatment goals. These typically last 30 - 60 minutes, depending on your child's needs or the location (school or clinic visits). Sessions include time at the end to discuss progress and answer any questions.


OT and Speech Therapy consultations allow for additional time to talk with your therapist in-depth about your child's treatment plan, therapy progress, questions / concerns, and strategies for home. Sessions may be provided at the clinic or online through our Tele-Therapy video conferencing program. Click here for additional information.


Conferences include meeting attendance such as school eligibility and IEP (Individualized Education Plan) conferences. Community visits may include your therapist visiting your child's school for a classroom observation and to consult with your child's teacher. Our online Tele-Therapy video conferencing program may be an option to facilitate the communication between your child's therapist and educational team.

Insurance Information

Stepping Stones is a preferred in-network provider for the following insurance plans:
Prospective clients please:
  • Provide insurance information
  • Verify coverage of occupational and/or speech therapy services with your insurance company
  • Obtain a referral for Occupational and/or Speech Therapy from your Pediatrician or primary care provider
If your insurance is not listed here, therapy services are considered out of network. Our billing department will courtesy submit a claim to your insurance to be processed according to your insurance plan’s out of network benefits. We offer a discount for self-pay clients.
Questions about insurance authorization, coverage and current balance due should be directed to our billing department at 1-800-230-8333


Here is where you will find the latest forms and information regarding service at Stepping Stones:

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Payment Page

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Questions about insurance authorization, coverage and current balance due should be directed to our billing department at 1-800-230-8333