Serving Children and Families on the Eastside since 2006

"Once my son started at Stepping Stones, it became apparent that there was much more going on that I didn't even know OT helped with.  Things like being able to pay attention, get started with his work, staying focused and not have major melt-downs when he thought something was too hard.  Plus, I really appreciated my therapist sharing her perspective with his teachers because I was afraid they would label him as lazy, lacking motivation or avoidably distracted.  I am feeling so much better now about his future and how to help him with the challenges that are getting in the way.  Thanks in great part to our therapist and her wonderful attitude that makes me feel so welcomed as a partner in my son's success!"

~ T.L.

"My daughter was really having trouble with eating and meal times were becoming a battle.  She was so picky and often gagged even at the sight and smell of foods.  It got to the point where we couldn't even go to a restaurant as a family.  I knew something was not right, but I didn't know what to do about it. Who knew there was something like "feeding therapy" or even OTs or Speech Therapists trained to help kids with sensory issues and eating problems.  It's taken over a year, lots of patience and some changes in our meal time routines, but it's been so worth it.  For the first time in a long time we sat down as a family at a restaurant and enjoyed a meal together.  It was an amazing thing to be able to do that together."

~ J. M.

"My son has made incredible progress since he started working with his OT at Stepping Stones. Our therapist truly listened to what our goals were and gave us many ideas to help him at home. I am impressed by her level of professionalism and knowledge. Her attitude is very positive, and she communicates with kids in a loving and caring manner. As a mother and educator by profession, I definitely recommend Stepping Stones to any parents or teachers who have students who struggle with learning difficulties."

~ Keren T.

"Our son had a lot of challenges in his pre-K class last school year. He was not completing his table work, was disruptive to the class and often got into trouble during recess. The level of our frustration increased with the number of "bad" reports from his teacher about the same problems over and over. Our child was talked to (scolded) many times but things had not improved as hoped. At home, he had frequent temper tantrums. No amount of discipline made a difference.We would not be able to turn things around without our OT's help. I highly recommend Stepping Stones to any family with a "challenging/difficult" child needing more than "better parenting skills".  Our OT is patient with my child. She builds a good rapport with both child and parent. Every visit feels like fun. She takes time to explain the purpose of each activity done so that we can practice at home. She really cares about what she does. She talks to my son about things that are not necessarily part of the treatment, things to reinforce his positive behavior.   Things are getting so much better now and I'm grateful to see that the results of all of our hard work are paying off."

~ Claire N..

"When my son was first diagnosed with a learning disability, he was already three years behind in writing. It was so disheartening as a parent. Researching the right place to take your child for treatment is difficult, but, I am so thankful that we found Stepping Stones . In just three years, our son’s writing is now in the average range based on national standards. We could never have achieved this truly amazing result without the hard work and dedication of Jessica and her staff. They provided excellent therapy, handwriting programs and a very holistic approach to treatment. Stepping Stones uses a team approach to therapy that really treats the whole person…. not just their disability. I think that is what makes them so special!"

~ Lisa V.

"My 10-year has really progressed and benefitted from his time at Stepping Stones. His penmanship is much better. He doesn't have the same anxiety about writing that he had before he started at Stepping stones. I couldn't be happier with his therapist. She really "gets him" and always finds new and fun ways to engage him to do good work. He was so enamored with one the games that his therapist taught him that he wanted to play it at home. We even played it with friends visiting from San Diego - the physics professor and his wife who writes for a living. It's a game that requires quick thinking and my son was playing it for fun! That is one of the unexpected benefits we got from Stepping Stones. I wish my son could spend more time there."

~ David B.

"My son had the privilege of receiving OT for about 2 years. Our therapist’s compassion, understanding, and patience was beyond measure. She was able to love and understand a kiddo who was about 2.5 years delayed at the time and whose own skin hurt him. She worked her magic - finding the things he related to and knew how to push him to grow weekly. We will forever be one of her Biggest admirers!!"

~ Anni M.

"My son has been doing occupational therapy for almost 3 years now and I LOVE the relationship that he has with his OT. He looks forward to OT each week and is disappointed if we have to skip a week for some reason. Right from the start our therapist managed to coax a shy, quiet boy who struggled to make eye contact, into a child who offered ideas and suggestions, and enjoyed engaging with an adult other than his parents. Even after our son qualified for OT services through our school district, we continued to see our therapist because he loved his sessions with her so much. Today he has better balance and penmanship, has stronger core strength and is a more confident child, thanks in large part to the wonderful therapy work done with him. What we love most is that our therapist gets so much work done without our son even realizing that it's "work" he is doing."

~ Y.G.

"The team at Stepping Stones is really amazing - I have so enjoyed working with Jessica. She has been thorough, accommodating and right on with her suggestions. I know we have a lot more work to do, but we have a much better understanding of what is going on with our son. I can't thank her enough for opening our eyes to what he has been experiencing. It helps us to be more patient as well."

~ Darci R.

"When we started at Stepping Stones, Grace was 8 and needed help with handwriting, core strength and coordination. Her OT did a super job of assessing the situation and immediately started a program that specifically addressed Grace’s needs. One aspect that makes all the difference in the world to Grace is the personal connection and loving, interactive way people work with her. Grace’s therapist is very engaging and caring about what is going on with Grace, not only in the clinic, but out of the clinic as well. She is always asking Grace about her week and how “xyz” went the week before. Grace feels very cared for and looks up to ”her OT”. which is the ideal role modeling she needs. Overall I’m extremely satisfied with Stepping Stones and the entire staff."

~ Pat L.

"Occupational therapy is part art and part science, and we’ve discovered that our therapist is great at both! Always cheerful, our OT guides my ten-year-old son and keeps him working towards his self-regulation and handwriting goals. She works closely with me as well, providing really useful ideas for us to try at home. My son loves his OT visits. He works really hard on virtually anything that his OT asks him to do and has made terrific progress!"

~ Katie T.